About Us

About us:

We are a holistic health & wellness company and we're

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly.

Your Health Is Your Wealth, Invest In It!! 

We understand that you must treat the whole man (mind body and spirit) in order to truly achieve wellness.  

On this site, one of our Goals is to uncover and recommend to you the highest quality, all natural products that would promote wellness and a sustained quality of life.  We will also share, just to name a few topics:

* Wholesome food tips
* Inspirational / Spiritual enlightenment
* Nature’s best kept secrets

* Nutritious Recipes

We would also like to hear from you.  Tell us what’s on your mind so we can help you find the answers you seek.

We are PROUD Distributors of the IASO line of products offered through Total Life Changes

REP / IBO#  5179131

About Us

Who Am I:

Hi My name is Elaine. They say “Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention” I couldn’t agree more, and it includes “re-inventing” oneself. My journey into “Holistic” Health and Wellness was born out of a need to make a total lifestyle change;  primarily where my health is concerned but also my livelihood. 

I’ve been an independent contractor in Real Estate/Finance most of my life.  I worked myself into compromised health and when my industry crashed, so did everything else around it.  I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that weakens the immune system which diminishes ones quality of life as you age.  

Of course I was told I would have to be on medication to manage the condition for the rest of my life.  Well, it’s been 9 years now and I’ve definitely felt the effects.  I’ve made the decision to uncover what I’ve always known and that is “OUR HEALING IS ALREADY IN THE EARTH.”  

Everything we need exist in Nature to prevent disease and restore our body, putting it back in balance so it can heal and repair itself the way God intended.  I’m doing the work and I want to share the benefits with you, so you can benefit too!  Join me on my journey to a healthier, wealthier life!