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​​Baffled by unbelievable  results,  many witness holistic

healing at its best. We distribute 100% natural supplements which are infused with super food extracts. The organic detox tea is the basis of this process. You can gently cleanse and safely experience increased weight loss in a shorter period of 
time with our Iaso Herbal Tea

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We are a holistic health & wellness company and we're Vegan & Vegetarian friendly.

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 Packed with 100% pure extracts which include a 4000 year old “King of Herbs” and Blue Algae from the Tropics.  These super foods promote healing, and aid in prevention of diseases by eliminating free radicals in the body, just to name a few of the powerful effects on the body.

Anthelmintic Herbs 
  •  Anthelmintic herbs are used to expel or destroy intestinal worms. One example of a holistic herb is the Malva Leaf.
    The properties that are responsible for destroying parasitic worms or the anthelmintic agents in the intestine, are found in IASO tea.  

Ergonomic Skin Care

Cathartic Herbs
  • Herbs that are active purgatives to the intestinal tract
    The following actions are triggered when using cathartic herbs:

    ​* Purges the intestinal tract.
    * Peristalsis action of the intestine
    * Stimulates glandular secretions
    * Produce semi-fluid bowel movements

    Depending on the combination of herbs, some blends do not cause any irritation at all. The botanical cathartics not only speed up the physical evacuation processes, but they are also powerful healers in cleansing, strengthening and toning the malfunctioning tissues and organs.

Holistic Weight Loss

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We've added an "Ancient Chinese Secret" to our skin care.  Giving your skin the nourishment it needs will reduce fine lines and restore natural youthfulness to your look. Save thousands on salon treatments and Botox with our affordable age defying products packed with 5 pepticides and Swiss Apple Stem.  We even have a 100% natural oil that penetrates 7 layers into your tissue promoting healing and pain relief for a myriad of conditions.

alternative Herbs
  • Herbs used to alter the existing nutritive and excretory processes and gradually restore normal body functions. Alternatives, or, as they are sometimes called, Antiscorbutics, are remedies which gradually alter and correct impure conditions of the blood. It is because of this that many of these agents are commonly called "Blood Purifiers" or "Blood Sweeteners".